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For total security systems, Blue Glue distributes and installs the MST turnstile (Alvarado) series to be used in applications where maximum security control is required.  All models feature fully welded construction for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Minimise capital costs from site to site by Re-using the Blue Glue MST Turnstiles from project to project.

Blue Glue full height turnstiles integrate with access control systems (Blue Glue or others) to provide secure bi-directional access control. Our turnstiles limit access to one person per activation. We offer a single full height MST turnstile model to cover all types of access control applications in the construction sector or for finished works.

Blue Glue security turnstiles have several standard features that are expensive options on other brands, including HydraLineT - Alvarado's revolutionary speed control that self-adjusts to the pushing force of the user. This ensures a safe, controlled, turnstile rotation and safely and smoothly returns the rotating turnstile section to the home position, minimising wear and tear.


  • Full height, Weather proof, Bi-directional Turnstiles
  • Palletised for easy transport and installation
  • Rental or purchase options available
  • 4.5 to 6 metre Boom Gate solutions
  • Pedestrian Gates and Doors
  • First aid TONK evacuation buttons


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