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The Blue Glue Plant & Equipment module enables our clients and contractors to track and manage their assets in real time. They capture key information including make and model, risk registers, operator tickets, maintenance schedules along with insurances.

The contractor can then book a site delivery for the asset to any of the client sites in the Blue Glue CCS. This process is web based and available 24/7 and tracks the process in real time. The site receiving the delivery of that asset can then conduct a document checklist online via their laptop/phone or tablet. Once the asset arrives onsite, a full web based Blue Glue audit with client tailored questions related to the asset type is in place for the site to manage the accept/decline the asset and in turn conduct a full audit process.

Blue Glue's Plant & Equipment software provides an easy way to manage:

  • Asset details
  • Service intervals with alerts
  • Asset insurance policies
  • Log books
  • Service records
  • Technician competencies
  • Plant risk assessment 
  • Plant and equipment audits
  • Site delivery requests
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