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When personnel are working in close proximity to industrial machinery and heavy vehicles safety is the priority.

Blue Glue (BG) ThirdEye assists companies by minimising the risk of injury to personnel and damage to equipment in this difficult operating environment.

BG ThirdEye provides an invisible barrier between the hazardous machinery and personnel and consists of a Master Control Unit installed in the vehicle operators cabin and up to 4 antennas mounted externally.

All personnel and visitors working in the proximity of the machinery must be equipped with the BG Third- Eye RFID Tag (normally mounted to the back of a standard safety helmet). When this RFID Tag enters the BG ThirdEye zone, the vehicle operator is notified by audible and visual alert on the Master Control Unit. The alert can also indicate the zone in which the personnel have been located.

Blue Glue ThirdEye Collision Avoidance Technology makes use of active (powered) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags that deliver safety in areas where people and machinery interact.

ThirdEye enables clients to determine the monitored area around a vehicle to ensure a safer work-place is maintained for personnel in proximity to machinery. Machinery Operators are notified by audible and visual alerts when personnel enter the defined safety zone.

BG ThirdEye Safety Features:

  • Vehicle to Personnel protection (V2P)
  • Vehicle to Vehicle protection (V2V)
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure protection (V2I)
  • Real-time operator alerts, both audible and visual
  • Adjustable range
  • Mature, proven technology
  • Flexible business rules
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