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Keeping track of contractors and visitors onsite is an important management and OHS requirement that building owners and managers are charged with. Our KeyWatcher key control and management system combines with Blue Glue’s Biometric Personal Identification protocols, using secure database and software systems to provide you with the optimum solution.

Our Contractor & Visitor Validation Systems (CVVS) allow contractors and visitors to perform a site login at a designated kiosk, using their previously recorded biometric scan. The CVVS system can optionally print a wristband to visually identify the wearer as being signed in.

The CVVS also integrates with the KeyWatcher key control cabinets to allow authorised distribution of keys. The system provides security and peace of mind.

Benefits to You:

  • Control onsite security and contractor/ visitor management easily and effectively
  • Save time and money using our systems
  • Your contractors and visitors also save time and money
  • Single point of data entry for distribution to all sites
  • Single Induction for all Contractors / Staff / Visitors
  • National distribution of Induction data / Skills and Competency information
  • Remote management of the system by authorised personnel
  • Live validation of competencies in-field


Principle Features:

  • Easy to use touch screen technology
  • Secure key management system
  • Automatic wristband allocation with printed name/date/time stamp
  • Secure storage of up to 50,000 individual fingerprints
  • Recorded unauthorised or unrecognised login attempts
  • Group or individual messaging at the touchscreen
  • Contractor/Visitor time onsite recorded
  • Live tracking of current onsite headcount
  • Live evacuation management in the event of an emergency
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