Photo ID Safety Systems

Using international standard contactless smart card (ISO/IEC 14443) technology Blue Glue has developed a secure browser based access control capability. The Blue Glue Net Enterprise solution controls physical access via an integrated network of Blue Glue smartcard readers with multiline LCD displays. TCP/IP is used as the standard protocol enabling industry standard networking to be deployed.

The solution caters for all types of building access requirements from temporary sites through to completed building works. Within tenancies no legacy door controllers are required as the system uses industry standard Power Over Ethernet. Remote Access Control Points can be integrated into the system via 3G telecommunications services, enabling truly portable solutions for muster and alerting points. Specific portable solutions have been delivered to manage rail corridor traffic.

Blue Glue’s innovative approach puts control of the system in the clients hands via a sophisticated yet simple browser interface to manage and control access. The system enables clients to remotely manage their sites.

The Blue Glue Net Enterprise application is compatible with all types of access control hardware, including smartcard, HID, fingerprint, fingervein and facial recognition technology.

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