Personnel Tracking

OHS is a serious factor in doing good business, and so Blue Glue developed an Active Radio Frequency Identification (ARFID) system that provides real-time automatic location and safety status for all personnel on naval vessels.

If you have a lot of people on-site or in a critical area, it is your responsibility to know if they are safe. If you don’t know where they are, how can you do this?

BG can help!

It’s not just logging in & logging off, it’s about crisis management.

When things go wrong, do you know where the people for whom you are responsible are?  Can you track them?

The Naval Automated Personnel Tracking (NAPT) system can do this and more. NAPT consists of wearable extremely low power radio frequency identification tags plus an Ethernet network of custom-designed radio receivers, laser and infrared sensors connected to a database. The ARFID tags have been certified as Intrinsic Safe for use with fuelling operations and for use with explosive ordinance. The custom designed receivers are fully EMC/EMI certified.


The system has been developed, and demonstrated to Navy, to perform in the most demanding circumstances, i.e. Military Maritime Operations – at sea.

We can immediately identify boundary incursions, e.g. into RADHAZ or COMSEC areas, together with lifesaving applications, such as ‘Man Down’ in Damage Control situations & ‘Man Overboard’ on exposed weather decks. more..

The ‘mustering’ of passengers or crew in an emergency is never a trivial issue.  Our technology is non-intrusive and proven under demanding military scenarios.  There are a number of options under which this application can be implemented, encompassing almost all conceivable situations.

If you need to track people, particularly in demanding environments, you need to talk to us - now!!

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