Kindergarten & Nursing Home Access Control

Blue Glue has created a new wall-plate type smart card card reader which can be easily implemented to control personnel access to Kindergartens or Nursing Homes. The wall-plate approach permits it to be fitted to existing buildings whilst maintaining the aesthetic’s of the building. Each wall-plate reader connects back to and is powered by a single Cat-5e or Cat-6 Power over Ethernet (POE) cable. Standard magnetic or striker type lock mechanisms can be used to release the door once authenticated access has been granted. 

Finished works

The Access Management System (AMS) runs on a small Apple Mac Mini which requires no special environment (such as humidity or cooling). The AMS is securely managed by a standard web bowser from your networked computers. Contactless (Mifare) smart cards, using Near Field Communications (NFC), are registered in the AMS for your location and issued to staff and visitors. These smart cards can be branded front and back to reflect your organisation or company. No personal data is stored on the smart card. If you have multiple sites each sites AMS can synchronise with the other sites whilst still applying local access control management. The AMS solution can also be securely published on the internet to permit authenticated management from the Internet or a mobile device.

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