Bluetooth Smart Card Reader

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Main Features:

Handheld 100mm by 50mm by 26mm high (weighs 125 grams)

USB Rechargeable LiIon Polymer 3.7V 1.1Ah Battery.

5 hours continuous card reading and 5 days standby time.

Single button to turn ON, Auto OFF after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Once ON, single button toggles virtual keypad on Apple IOS Devices.

Press and hold button (>3 seconds) device will turn OFF when button released.

Can be paired with any Bluetooth device including Apple IOS iPads and iPhones.

Auto reconnect to last paired device (if in range).

Identifies itself as a Human Interface Device (HID).

The output protocol can be customised in order to match your solution requirements. Firmware modifications POA.

Indicator LEDs


ORANGE USB Charging, off when fully charged.

BLUE flashing when waiting for pairing, solid when paired.

RED on when no active Bluetooth connection.

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