Asset Management

Blue Glue Net Enterprise Asset Management module provides a real time view of assets to our clients. The application provides a national database with remote site servers to assist with the management of assets across the fleet.

The solution provides our clients with a touch tag technology that communicates live back to the database using wireless networks. The asset has a touch tag attached to facilitate easy identification and auditing.

This tag has a 32K memory capability and can store up to 90 x A4 pages of data on the asset itself. The device can only be read using the Blue Glue Net Enterprise wand that is fully integrated with the back end database.

Clients can track and manage movement of machinery onsite and offsite, regularly manage the log books and maintenance schedules and have real time alerts that assist the clients with maintaining those logs and maintenance histories on a regular basis. This automated asset technology eliminates the need for paper based capture of this data.

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